Cypheme Puts an End to Your Counterfeiting Issues

Our Fingerprint Anti-counterfeit Technology is unique and it helps to easily detect the fakes of your products simply with the camera of a smartphone

Our solution has...

saved more than 30,000 lives

helped clients recover over 100 million euros in revenue

been used on all 6 livable continents on the planet

eliminated over 10 million fake products

helped to locate counterfeiting criminals across the globe

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Ours labels are tamper-evident and tamper-proof. Ours is an all-in-one package to help protect your brand.

Our Solution Works Across Industries

We Provide businesses with an advanced but easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

Fakes Products are a real headache

Cypheme Stops Fakes!

When the Cypheme tag is affixed on on a product or packaging, it gives it a unique and impossible to duplicate identifier. This way, people can be confident in knowing that they would be purchasing something whose authenticity can be verified.

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"Cypheme provided us with full support during the implementation of the technology, and it has so far worked very well."

What our clients are saying...


"Cypheme has been a strong partner in our fight against the counterfeiting of our products. The solution has helped us recover significant revenues."

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